SliderPLUS App Version History

(iOS & Android apps are now updated simultaneously)

*2.3 - June 5, 2018

- Simplified user interface.
We have merged the Set and Go buttons. Now, you press and hold this button to set a point or just press the same button to go to a point. This action opened a lot of space and let us add more features on the main screen.

- Always accessible manual slide controls.
Now, you can always have access to the manual slide control panel. This way, you can use your Slide Module much more actively and freely.

- Loop feature for Keypose Mode
Now, you can put the system in loop mode between Keypose A & B. The system will continue looping independently even if you turn off your phone.

- Simplified calibration process
Now, you don’t have to lock the slider in the middle to calibrate the Slide Module.

*2.2 - Feb 27, 2018

- New Keypose Mode
Record up to 6 different pan-tilt-focus combinations on the slider and recall the poses back by a single tap.

- Timelapse in between Keypose A and Keypose B
- New Target Record Mode
Record your target transitions in your slide and repeat them easily afterwards.

- Now its much simpler and faster to adjust the slide speed.
- Double Tap to switch targets or keyposes quickly.
- Shake to report a bug or to send us feedback easily.
- Bug fixes and performance improvements.

*2.1 - Jan 24, 2018

- A completely improved, new and better time-lapse setup screen.
Now, you can specify the interval time and total frame count in the time-lapse setup screen giving you full advanced controls over your time-lapse setup.

- Introducing time-lapse 2.0 with Time-warper and Motion-warper.
Now, you have the option to bend the speed of time in your time-lapses without affecting the speed of your camera motion. Or, you can alter the speed of your slide without affecting the speed of time. These unique features are only available in edelkrone time-lapse products.

- Now, you can convert your multi-target slide shots into a time-lapse shot.
Deliver never-before-seen time-lapse videos where your camera does amazing pans, tilts and parallaxes on several targets in the same shot! All can be combined with the time-lapse 2.0 features.

- Now, you can also convert your recorded slide into a time-lapse shot.
Again, this can also be combined with time-lapse 2.0 features.

- New GO TO mode.
Once you press the target, the camera not only turns to it but ALSO slides to a point simultaneously. This point can be anywhere you pin on the slider. This pin can be individually placed for each target.

- New Record mode.
You can record your camera slide with pan and tilt, then you can repeat the same shot as much as you like with different speeds and directions.

- Anti-parallax notifications!
When you have multi-targets available to choose on the screen, the app now will let you know which targets are currently positioned on the opposite side of your pan direction. By avoiding to select these targets, you can avoid breaking the parallax effect in your shot.

- Over speed notifications.
The new SliderPLUS app will notify you when any of the motors on the system is reaching its maximum speed. So, this will give you the chance to reset your shot and get an even better result.

- Improved battery level indicator.
The new SliderPLUS app is better at measuring the battery levels. You will be sure about the battery levels and will be able to know when you change them. (Always use 2 fully charged batteries simultaneously)

- Smoother and more stable pan and tilts.
The algorithm is improved and now, the pans and tilts run much smoother on the Motion Kit.

- Improved motor drive power for time-lapse consistency.
Time-lapse slide positioning adjustments are improved. Now, you will have a more consistent slide speed and your time lapses will finalise closer to planned durations.

*2.0.2 - Nov 11, 2017

- Minor bug fixes.

*2.0.1 - Nov 4, 2017

- Minor bug fixes.

*2.0 - Oct 25, 2017

- V2 delivers a complete new user experience. We have combined all of the main features together on a single screen.
- Improved user experience: Teach targets much better and faster.
- Completely repeatable multi-target shot setups are now possible.
- Essential tune-up and calibration tools for pan/tilt and focus added on the settings page for perfect slides.
- A complete new set of user's manual videos are also prepared to help better your experience.
- Now you can enter inch dimensions when teaching a new lens.

*1.8 - Sep 27, 2017

- Target moving feature. Has the position of your target changed? No problem. Shift the position of your target on the go.
- Live mode also can auto activate any target during the slide for you!
- Improved Time-Warper
- Ability to restart the Motion Kit from the app.
- Target duplicating feature. Press and hold on the target and place it on an empty slot to duplicate it.
- Target position pin feature. Pin the target on any position on the slider. So whenever slider passes from that point, it automatically triggers the target for you automatically.
- Head module force connect. A helpful tool to solve Head Module disconnection problems.
- Motor overload warnings. Helps you setup the system without exceeding the power limits of the system.
- Plugged icon
- iOS 11 support.
- Improved lens learning algorithm asks you more data points as the distance increases for better accuracy in the long range.
- Avoiding unnecessary firmware update bug fix.
- Improved target teaching UX. Now you just point your camera on the target and press and hold on the target slot on the app to teach a new target.

*1.7 - Aug 23, 2017

- Time-Warper for time-lapse. Bend the speed of time without changing the speed of your camera motion.
- Minor bug fixes
- Backlash calibration feature. Now you can fine tune your Head Module with a simple wizard and avoid target misses caused by the motor backlash.
- Stop motion

*1.6 - Aug 4, 2017

- Fixed the detected bugs and reliability increased throughout the app.

*1.5 - Jul 31, 2017

- Live Mode! Set 6 independent targets and switch between them in real time while your camera is sliding.
- Also some improvements for even smoother slides.
- New Advanced Recording Feature

*1.4 - Jul 19, 2017

- Recording bug fix

*1.3 - Jul 14, 2017

- Time-lapse (BETA) improvements

*1.2 - Jun 26, 2017

- Bug fixes
- Time-lapse (BETA) improvements
- New Lens community feature. You can now download the lenses calibration info from the public list in SliderPLUS app.

*1.1 - Jun 7, 2017

- Small bug fixes
- Introduction of Time-lapse (BETA)
- New Lens Share Feature. Now you can upload your lens calibration information for other SliderPLUS app users.

*1.0 - May 31, 2017

- Initial SliderPLUS app release.